Each child receives a FREE 2 hour settle session for the family to meet the staff and the child to explore the setting.
The Nursery fees are £5 Per Hour. 
This includes morning and afternoon snack, water throughout the day, and use of the settings soft play and sensory areas.

Additional Charges

Breakfast can be provided between the hours of 7am- 8.30am and the charge for this is 50p.
If a Nursery Lunch/ Tea is required (hot and cold meals are provided by the settings café) the cost is £3 per meal.
Late payment fees apply for late child collections and for late payment of Nursery Fees.
We do ask for children to wear the nursery branded coloured t-shirts for safety purposes.  These are charged at £5 per t-shirt.

We do accept 2, 3 and 4 years funding as well as certain childcare vouches.

Weekly and monthly payment options available, however fees must be paid in advance.
 1 week in advance for weekly payments and 1 month in advance for monthly payments.

Contact Us

07810 893791

Eldon Way Industrial Estate
Hockley, SS55AU

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